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Buchiglas - Pressure reactors / stirred autoclaves

Buchiglas high quality pressure reactors and stirred autoclaves in corrosion resistant glass- and metal pressure vessels are used for hydrogenation, catalyst testing and general chemical research and production. - Pressure reactors and vessels in glass and steel, magnetic drives, hydrogenators, for chemical research labs and pilot plant.

Used Reactors Inventory - Search Stainless Steel Reactors .

Choose from reactors made from carbon steel (CS), various grades of stainless steel (SS) such as 304, 316, 316L or from reactors and vessels made from high performance cobalt and nickel alloys like HASTELLOY® C-276, Special Metals' Monel 400 & K-500, Inconel 600 & 625, Incoloy 904 as well as from Titanium and Zirconium alloys.

Heat Exchanger Tanks and Reactor Vessels, Stainless Steel .

All heat exchangers and reactors are built to customer specifications, from a small lab reactor to a 160 ft. long industrial column reactor. Heat transfer surfaces include: Conventional jacket, dimple jacket, half-pipe jacket and internal coils.

Plug Flow Reactors - Chemical Engineering

High conversion rate per reactor volume. Mechanically simple. Unvarying product quality. Good for studying rapid reactions. Efficient use of reactor volume. Good for large capacity processes. Low pressure drops. Tubes are easy to clean.

Asynt launches versatile high pressure parallel reactor system

Mar 27, 2019 · Please use one of the following formats to cite this article in your essay, paper or report: APA. Asynt. (2019, June 24). Asynt launches versatile high pressure parallel reactor system.

Small Parr High Pressure Reactor With Stirrer For Lab .

1. TGYF benchtop high pressure reactor is small in volume, simple in structure and reliable in use. 2. The reactor is equipped with mini type DC motor, pressure gage, explosion-proof equipment, air inflow, sampling valve, temperature probe to realize reaction experiment. 3.

How To Use Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactor [Step By Step .

Mar 22, 2019 · And it's appropriate for small dose synthetic reaction, to rapidly dissolve the refractory material under the reactor inner strong acid or strong base and high temperature & high-pressure airtight environment. Steps to use Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactor 1. Open the screw of the autoclave with the wrench . 2. Take off the SS lid of an .

Mini-Reactor | Parker Autoclave Engineers Research

Parker Autoclave Engineers' Mini-Reactor is designed as a compact, low volume reactor that includes the full functionality of larger research reactors. The low cost and compact design allows the researcher to quickly set up a multi-reactor lab for high-throughput parallel testing.

Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

High conversions can be obtained by leaving reactants in reactor for extended periods of time. Batch reactor jackets allow the system to change heating or cooling power at constant jacket heat flux. Versatile, can be used to make many products consecutively. Good for producing small amounts of products while still in testing phase. Easy to clean.

Catalytic (stirred and flow) Pressure Reactors

A dedicated parallel reactor system for the rapid development of high pressure reactions and heterogeneous catalysis systems. the High Pressure ChemsCan (HPCs) is an eight-reactor platform rated to 200bar and +200°C - each reactor is independently controlled and monitored with full computer management control. Based on HEL's PolyBLOCK platform,

Mini High Pressure Reactor Supplier In China

Small- high-pressure reactor (the Lid can rise,the reactor can turn,without bottom discharge) TOPT-KCFD025-10. 1. Volume:0.25L 2. Design pressure: <10MPa

Reactor Technology - Instruments

The Berghof reactor systems convince by an easy handling. All reactors can be opened and closed with small physical effort. Therefore, unnecessary time consumption can be avoided. The bigger sized reactors are equipped with a stand, so that users, during opening and closing of the reactors, are not confronted with a high .

HEL Products - Chemical Reactors & Calorimeter Suppliers

Chemical reactors, from research to pilot scale – Glass or pressure reactors with data-logging & computer control. Find out more. Bioreactors. . Designed for the investigation of large & small battery testing. Read more; FlowCAT | High-Pressure Flow-Chemistry in a Compact Unit.

Study on a Small Power Reactor With Compact Pressure .

In order to attain high economic competitiveness, it is designed to be small and simple and uses natural circulation and high pressure. A steam generator is integrated into the reactor pressure vessel (RPV), thus dispensing with a primary system and preventing radiation leakage from the reactor core.

Moltex Energy | Cheap Clean Safe - Stable Salt Reactors

The entire construction is simple, with no high pressure systems, few moving parts, and no Pressure Vessel needing specialist foundries. The reactor is continuously cooled by natural air flow, giving complete security against overheating in an accident situation

Reactor: Xe-100 — X-energy: Nuclear Energy, Advanced .

High temperature tolerant graphite core structure . ASME compliant reactor vessel, core barrel & steam generator . Designed for a 60-year operational life . Flexible application – electricity and/or process heat . Base load or load following . Online refueling (95% plant availability) High .

Berghof reactors – pressure vessels - Instruments

Berghof pressure vessles are available in different configurations. On the one hand, they are available as classic pressure digestion vessels. On the other hand, metal-free reactors with a .

Simple High Pressure Reactor, China Manufacturer of Simple .

Various products of Simple High Pressure Reactor, providing product images and basic parameters with each Simple High Pressure Reactor and Small Simple High Pressure Reactor; We are a professional Chinese manufacturer of Simple High Pressure Reactor, and .

Reactors - Coast Industrial Systems, Inc.

Reactor H-25, H-40 and H-50. For high-output foam applications and roofing projects – applies up to 52 lb (23.6 kg) per minute. From residential foam insulation projects to high-volume commercial roofing jobs, Graco's line of Reactor Hydraulic Foam Proportioners provides the reliability and power to .

China Rotary Evaporator,Glass Reactor,Vacuum Drying Oven .

Zhengzhou Keda Machinery and Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd - Professional Rotary Evaporator,Glass Reactor,Vacuum Drying Oven,High Pressure Reactor,Freeze Dryer,Short .

How To Use Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactor [Step By Step .

Mar 22, 2019 · And it's appropriate for small dose synthetic reaction, to rapidly dissolve the refractory material under the reactor inner strong acid or strong base and high temperature & high-pressure airtight environment. Steps to use Hydrothermal Autoclave Reactor 1. Open the screw of the autoclave with the wrench . 2. Take off the SS lid of an .

High Pressure Reactions - METTLER TOLEDO

Many processes require reactions to be run under high pressure. Working under pressure is challenging and collecting samples for offline analysis is difficult and time consuming. A change in pressure could affect reaction rate, conversion and mechanism as well as other process parameters plus sensitivity to oxygen, wat

Small and Medium sized Reactors (SMR): A review of .

High pressure tubes can be vulnerable to rupture if even small leakage occurs, thus monitoring is required in order to shut down the reactor and depressurize the tubes in case of leakage. If for some reason the leakage leads to rupture of a tube or tubes, the Primary Coolant Safety System (PCSS) is able to inject water to the reactor and .

Series 5500 HP Compact Reactors, 25-600 mL - Parr .

This style of heater/reactor support provides a very small footprint, ideal for limited bench space. Model 4848 Temperature Controller. The Series 4848 Controller used with the standard Parr line of medium and high pressure reactors is also furnished for use with these reactors. The 4848 offers the user options for redundant temperature sensor .

PressureSyn from Asynt, ideal for high pressure reaction

Why use high pressure reactor ? For the efficient synthesis of novel molecules, materials and polymers scientists employ a broad range of experimental techniques and equipment.Reactions carried out at very low temperature under an inert atmosphere at high dilution can usually be performed in a conventional round bottom flask whereas reactions that require elevated temperature and high pressure .

Special Application Pilot Plant - High pressure reactor

It is used to transfer liquids, slurries or gases in to the autoclave under pressure. It consists of high pressure SS-316 pot designed for working pressure 100 bar or higher with port for nitrogen gas (N ), liquid / slurry inlet with valve & funnel, outlet valve, pressure gauge, pressure safety 2 valve, high pressure hose & NRV.

Reactors - processdesign

Moving Bed Reactors; A moving bed reactor is similar to a radial flow reactor, but the catalyst is moved through the annular space (Towler, 2012). Fluidized Bed Reactors; If the fluid flow is up through the catalyst bed then the bed can become fluidized if the pressure drop is high .

Pressure Control - Over-pressure Relief System

Over-pressure Relief System. Part of the pressurizer system is an over-pressure relief system.In the event that pressurizer pressure exceeds a certain maximum, there is a relief valve called the pilot-operated relief valve (PORV) on top of the pressurizer which opens to allow steam from the steam bubble to leave the pressurizer in order to reduce the pressure in the pressurizer, thus leads to .

Lab Stainless Steel Reactor – TOPTION INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD.

Lab Stainless Steel Reactor0.25L~20L lab stainless steel high pressure reactor.Max working temp. 300℃, 10Mpa (25Mpa customize).With mechanical agitation. Send Inquiry Lab Stainless Steel Reactor 1.Make cumbersome experimental simple, it can be realized .

Reactors inquiries, buy Reactors on China Suppliers

INQUIRY about Small Simple Pressure Vessel Please send me the quotation of 300-500 ml Hydro thermal autoclave reactor. simple and with Pressure Gauge attachment. Thank you