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Impurity Profiling of Drug Substances in Pharmaceuticals .

These impurities of heavy metals can easily be avoided by using demineralized water and glass-lined reactors. Other Materials (Filter Aids, Charcoal) Impurities:- The filters or filtering aids such as centrifuge bags are routinely used in the bulk drugs manufacturing plants and in many cases, activated carbon is also used which also act as a .

CiVentiChem India Presentation - 2012.ppt | Fine Chemical .

Facilities - India Plant - Equipment Configuration Stainless Steel Reactors: 2000 L(1); 1600 L(2); 1000 L(1); 500 L(2); 350 L(4) & 250 L (4) GL Reactors: 2000 L(1); 1000 L(2); 630 L(1) &250 L(1) Autoclave (Hydrogenation) 350 L(1) Yet to be installed and 2.0 L(1) & 0.5 L(1) Auxiliary Filtration, Drying and Milling Separate QC Laboratory and .

Estimating Equipment Costs by Scaling

The purchased cost of a50-gal glass-lined, jacketed reactor (without drive) was 8350 in 1981. Estimate the purchased cost of a similar3OO-gal, glass-lined, jacketed reactor (without drive) in 1986. Use the annual average Marshall and Swift equipment-cost index (all industry) to update the purchase cost of the reactor. Solution.

Operation and Cleaning of Glass Lined Reactor ( Capacity .

Dec 02, 2010 · Ø The glass Lined reactor is in assembled condition with all accessories. Ø Open the manhole, first open the vent valve to release the internal pressure if any. Remove the nut/bolts of the manhole and slide to the side.

Helsinn New Cytotoxic Plant, Biasca - Pharmaceutical .

The three reactor units also constitute the second production suite. Equipment installed includes one 630l stainless-steel, glass-lined reactor, one 630l Hastelloy C2000 reactor, one 800l Hastelloy C2000 reactor and one 0.25m³ Hastelloy C2000 filter dryer within a glove box. The combined production capacity of the area is up to 20kg a batch.

Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO)

Flow reactor, Lyophilizer & reactors ranging from 60 Ltr-1000 Ltr with dedicated areas for drying and Powder Processing of APIs. Commercial capabilities • Commercial Plants have over 100 reactors (Mild Steel Glass Lined reactors (MSGL), Stainless Steel (SS) 304, 316, hastelloy and Cryogenic). • Wide range of process conditions

(PDF) Bioreactors – Technology & Design Analysis

A reactor provides a controllable environment enabling the biological, biochemical and biomechanical requirements to produce products (Singh et al. 2014).The standard types of reactors used for .

Development and Scale up in API Manufacture (Part1)

Mono-pot reaction in jacketed, glass-lined 10,000 L reactor. Addition of liquid reagents and jacket temperature computer controlled. Solid reagents charged manually via handhole. Phase separation using sight-glass. Solid product from second step isolated by centrifugation. Product tested to determine if recrystallisation necessary.

Glass Lined Reactor - University of Utah

Glass Lined Reactor Process Flow Diagram for SNR Lab Glass Lined Reactor Drawn by: James Allison Date: 10/31/02 SIZE FSCM NO DWG NO REV 0064035200-10-01 SCALE none SHEET 1 Department of Chemical and Fuels Engineering Water Supply Water Drain Seal Lube Pressure Relief Valve Compressed Air Cooling Water Inlet Injection Port Reaction Solution .

Jacketed Heating - Chemical Processing

Reactor temperature and output, ˚C Temperature set point Controller output, °C Temperature PV Common TempeRaTuRe ConTRol STRaTegy Figure 1. Various split-range (TY) configurations can be used to regulate jacketed glass-lined batch reactors.

Jacketed Heating - Chemical Processing

Reactor temperature and output, ˚C Temperature set point Controller output, °C Temperature PV Common TempeRaTuRe ConTRol STRaTegy Figure 1. Various split-range (TY) configurations can be used to regulate jacketed glass-lined batch reactors.


2 M.S. Glass-lined Storage Tanks63 ltrs to 80000 ltrs. 3 Distillation Columns & Towers150-2500 mm. Diameter. 4 M.S. Glass-lined Filtration Vessels0.75 to 4.5 square meter. 5 M.S. Glass-lined Heat Exchanger ð· Shell in Shell Type2 to 40 m2 ð· Plate Type 3 to 14 m2 6 M.S. Glass-lined Conical Vacuum Dryers150 ltrs to 4500 ltrs.

Waste/Side Stream Testing Guidelines at Pfizer

–100-200L glass-lined carbon steel reactors –75L Hastelloy reactor –30L Hastelloy hydrogenation vessel –5-20L glass vessels •Sandwich, UK (Pilot Plant) –250-2500L glass-lined carbon steel reactors –250L Hastelloy (cryo) –250L Hastelloy hydrogenation vessel Pfizer Confidential 4

Glass Lined Equipment | Mixing Systems | Filtration .

CE 0045 by TUV Nord for the manufacture of Glass Lined Pressure Equipment - Reactors according to directive 2014/68/EU. AD 2000-Merkblatt HP0 by TUV Nord for the manufacture of Pressure Equipment (Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Columns, Glass Lined/Non Glass Lined Reactors, Wiped Film Evaporators, Nutsche Filters/Filter Dryers.

Guidelines and Procedures for Spark Testing Glass-Lined .

Aug 15, 2019 · Spark testing is a standard procedure used for inspecting glass-lined equipment. During testing, the entire glass-lined surface is examined, and any chips, cracks, pinholes and other defects are documented and marked for repair. There are two apparatuses available for spark testing - .

Chemical Glass Reactor | Jacketed Glass Reactor | Goel .

In most of the glass plants, vessels are used as reactors, receivers, separators, measuring or feed vessels. Glass Reactor are available in Spherical Shape from 5 to 500 liter and in Cylindrical Shape from 5 to 500 liter capacity. Cylindrical vessels can be supplied with metal/glass jackets too.

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Glass lined Reactors (5 KL, 3 KL) SS 316 Reactors (5KL, 3 KL) Centrifuges ( SS, Rubber lined) Chilling plants, 150 TR, 50 TR, 20TR Nutsch Filter Vacuum Glass distillation systems Flakers, SS 316, 2 KL Gas Scrubbers Grinders Rotary dryers, 10 MT/day Spray driers, 10 MT/day Thermic fluid Boilers Steam Boilers

Manufacturing of Bulk Drugs - Invest Uttarakhand

Technical Plant will be equipped with SS and Glass Lined reactors having capacity 160 Lit. to 5000 Lit. S Sand MS Rubber Lined Centrifuges, Tray dryer, Filters etc. The department will have 5 litre. Glass assemblies to carry out production of API in small batch sizes. .


Chemical processing reactors. Solutions that come in contact with the reactor surface leads to corrosion. Fermentors. Glass, glass lined and S.S. materials are used for the construction of the fermentors. Storage containers. Prolonged storage of reactive chemicals leads to .

Glass-Lined Reactor | De Dietrich Process Systems

The OptiMix reactor is a patented design that optimizes the mixing performance of glass-lined reactors by integrating three baffles on the vessel wall. More. Pharma Reactor. An innovative reactor for optimal cleanability, the Pharma Reactor combines all of the .

Powder Handling System, The Powder Pump | De Dietrich .

The Powder Pump can convey powder to your pressurized reactors, dryers and filter/dryers or to any other equipment requiring a contained supply of powder. It is a multipurpose solution for transferring powder with a range of flow characteristics and particle sizes.

Wiped Film Evaporators | Pfaudler

One reason why our glass-lined reactors are trusted by over 90% of the world's top chemical companies is the sheer reliability of our reaction technologies. These technologies are critical to the safe containment of corrosive contents, maintaining the vessel pressure and ensuring the final batch quality.

Glass Reactor | De Dietrich Process Systems

Since the OPTIMIX baffle system for glass reactors is of the same type as for the glass-lined reactors the scale up from small pilot scale glass reactors up to huge production glass-lined reactors is eased. OPTIMIX Glass reactor. 50l Triple walled glass reactor.


Glass Lined Reactors 300 L to 8 KL SS Reactors 300 L to 7KL Nutsche Filters (NF) & ANF 2KL - 100 to 400 Kgs Centrifuges 36 and 48 inches RCVD and Tray Driers Hydrogenator 2KL - 40Kgs/cm2 pressure Contrast Media Products (CMP) .


METROCHEM API Pvt Ltd. PHARMACEUTICALS - authorSTREAM Presentation. Quality policy (contd) : Quality policy (contd) METROCHEM API is ISO 9001: 2000 certified and to further strengthen our value proposition to our customers, we are moving towards WHO GMP .

CEE-Lectures on Industrial Chemistry

• Glass-lined or stainless-steel batch reactor; solvent: HAc, (CCl 4, hydrocarbons) • Reaction period: 2-3 h; T must be kept below 90 °C ( ∆ R H < 0) • After reaction, liquid product mixture is pumped to a crystallizer, where it is cooled to 0 °C

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Flexachem and Flowserve have been in partnership for over 20 years and are one of our leading distributors in Europe annually across all of the Flowserve brands.

Bulk Drug Manufacturing Processb| Ganesh Group

Glass lined reactors from 1 kl,2 kl,3 kl,6.5 kl to 13.5 kl; S.S hydrogenators reactors from 2000 to 3000 liters; S.S reactors from 1000 to 3000 liters; S.S centrifuges ranging from 36 to 48 inches; Dryers with 200 kg. Capacity for solid products; 15 ft.high vacuum,30 ft high temperature distillation; towers fitted on s.s reactors

(Your) Questions and (Our) Answers about Glass-Lined Equipment

Users of glass-lined equipment are therefore able to make drastic changes to their process without needing new equipment to do so. Purity - Aggressive reaction environments and extractable metals can cause undesirable catalytic effects or fluctuations in process reactions leading to product contamination in unlined steel or alloy reactors.

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glass lined reactors (45) capacity 53,88 m3 SS reactor (1) capacity 0,15 m3 Plant 27 max capacity (MT) 110 batch size 1 50-1200 Kg reactors scale 4,0 –6,0 m3 glass lined reactors (14) capacity 58,5 m3