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View rotary evaporator diagram Condenser Cooling Considerations Specific latent heat of vaporization – refers to the amount of heat energy required to convert one 1 kg of a substance from a liquid to a gas or conversely the amount of heat energy to be removed to go from a gas to a liquid.

The basis of vacuum evaporation - Environmental engineering

Multistage flash evaporation is widely used in the industrial sector and involves heating the feed liquid in a vessel and immediately driving water through a system of heating pipes in which part of the water is vaporized. It then passes to another vessel in which temperature and pressure are such that a portion of hot water is suddenly .

Rotavapor R-220 EX Operation Manual

A vacuum rotary evaporator is used for quick single-stage distillations that treat the product gently. The process is based on the evaporation and condensation of solvents in a rotating evaporating flask. It is possible to work under a vacuum to ensure gentler treat-ment of .

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The Glass Rotary Evaporator Flask offered by us is used in various labs and research units. We procure only qualitative raw material from trusted vendor base of the industry. This help us to offer a defect-free range of products to our esteemed customers. Used for conducting various tests and experiments, our products are checked on the basis .

5.5B: Step-by-Step Procedures for Rotary Evaporation .

Aug 18, 2019 · Rotary Evaporation Procedure Figure 5.67: a) Sample to be evaporated, b) Attachment of sample to bump trap on rotary evaporator, c) Lowering of sample into water bath. If your institution uses a water circulator connected to the condenser to minimize water usage (open cabinet of Figure 5.65), be sure that there is ice in the water reservoir.

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All Hei-VAP rotary evaporators have a safety heating bath with overheating and dry running protection, ergonomic handles, double wall and an integrated spout . Universal heating bath for all flask sizes up to 5 l (no retooling required). The sturdy metal connection to the device's base allows variable distances for the heating bath up to 200 .

Rotary Evaporation - Chemistry LibreTexts

Rotary evaporation is the process of reducing the volume of a solvent by distributing it as a thin film across the interior of a vessel at elevated temperature and reduced pressure. This promotes the rapid removal of excess solvent from less volatile samples. Most rotary evaporators have four major components: heat bath, rotor, condenser, and .

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The rotary evaporator R-100 is a high-quality, entry level Rotavapor to meet the essential needs in classical laboratory applications. It is capable of a manually adjustable rotation speed of 20 to 280 rpm and equipped with an action jack lift for manual lifting of the evaporating flask. Included is.

Rotary evaporator parts and function - Lab Instrument .

In the diagram above, you can see some of the components that make up your typical rotary evaporator. While the specific layout and functionality may change from product to product, the general concept does not. A water bath (or other liquid) is heated.

Rotary evaporator - Wikipedia

Summit Research Rotary Evaporator Instructions. Please see diagram as this will show you basic link up procedures for the rotary evaporator . We have been educating & training our customers for years on how to properly integrate rotary evaporators with this process.

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The R-100 rotary evaporator is an entry level Rotavapor® to meet the essential needs in evaporation and BUCHI's high quality standards. Interface I-300 Pro The Interface I-300 Pro offers a 7" touch screen to control and view all process parameters at a glance.

Rotary Evaporator (Rotovap) - Dartmouth College

The rotary evaporator is the method of choice for solvent removal in the modern organic laboratory. The solvents or low boiling compounds are removed by a simple distillation. The rotovap is designed to be operated under a vacuum (to lower a compound's boiling point) while heating the sample at .


Nov 29, 2004 · Commercial evaporation of orange juice began in the late 1940's. The first evaporators, to produce a product to be reconstituted and used as orange juice, were low temperature-high vacuum evaporators designed and built by B.C. Skinner of Dunedin, Florida. There were several evaporators built on this basis (Frostproof, Auburndale, Dunedin).

Bath Handwheel Lift Rotary Flash Evaporator Diagram 5l .

Bath handwheel lift rotary flash evaporator diagram 5l RE-501 rotary vacuum evaporator is an indispensable instrument for evaporation, concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in the research and production of medicine, chemical and biological products.

Vacuum distillation - Wikipedia

Vacuum distillation is distillation performed under reduced pressure, which allows the purification of compounds not readily distilled at ambient pressures or simply to save time or energy. This technique separates compounds based on differences in boiling points. This technique is used when the boiling point of the desired compound is difficult to achieve or will cause the compound to decompose.

Flash evaporation - Wikipedia

The flash evaporation of a single-component liquid is an isenthalpic process and is often referred to as an adiabatic flash. The following equation, derived from a simple heat balance around the throttling valve or device, is used to predict how much of a single-component liquid is vaporized.

TSPS Engineering Manual

In a flash type evaporator, heated salt water passes through an orifice into an area of lower pressure which is created by an air ejector or vacuum pump. A portion of the water flashes into steam, and the steam passes up to a vapor separator, where water droplets are removed, and then to a distilling condenser where the vapor is condensed.

Flash Column Chromatography Guide - MIT OpenCourseWare

- Flash Column Chromatography Guide Overview: Flash column chromatography is a quick and (usually) easy way to separate complex mixtures of compounds. We will be performing relatively large scale separations in 5.301, around 1.0 g of compound. Columns are often smaller in .

How to use a Rotary Evaporator

A typical rotary evaporator has a water bath that can be heated in either a metal container or crystallization dish. This keeps the solvent from freezing during the evaporation process. The solvent is removed under vacuum, is trapped by a condenser and is collected for easy reuse or disposal.


The rotary evaporator or "rotovap" is an expensive piece of apparatus that needs to be used with great care. If you follow the instructions carefully, it is the fastest, most efficient and most environmentally friendly way of removing a volatile solvent from a non-volatile sample. It is standard equipment in a modern chemistry laboratory. The .

Automatic Rotary Evaporator Manual R1005-R1050 1

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Rotary evaporation can separate solvent from different types of mixtures and materials but it is crucial that the desired compound has a higher boiling point than the solvent. Lower boiling point solvents work best, but rotary evaporation is more commonly used to remove water (b.p. 100 ˚C).

: Across International SE53.220 SolventVap 5.3 .

Rotary Evaporator Glassware Vapor filtering bottle 1, vertical main and auxiliary condenser (2 pcs), 20L round shaped rotating evaporating flask 1, 10L round shaped receiving flask 1, three-way tee vapor buffering flask 1, glass vapor duct with seal (1, pre-installed), receiving flask glass vacuum port 1, glass material feeding port 1.

Standard Operating Procedure - Rotary Evaporator

Rotary Evaporator in the P.O.W.E.R. Laboratory Elliot Sepos, April 2012 Description of Process Some chemical procedures require a quick and effective separation of substances through evaporation. The Rotary Evaporator is a tool which puts the separable substance under vacuum and heats evenly through a spinning motion, causing one component to .

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The mini rotary evaporator unit can not only work simultaneously, but also can operate independently. Each can set it's own temperature, adjust speed, release vacuum etc., without interfering other rotary evaporator units. Schematic diagram of Array rotary evaporator connect with chiller

Evaporators and condensers in a new dimension

evaporation process. The evaporated liquid is recirculated so rapidly that boiling cannot take place in the evaporator, and the liquid is thus just heated. The actual evaporation then takes place when the liquid flashes into the separator vessel. A special type of AlfaVap with a wider gap is used for this mode, to minimize the fouling.

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An evaporation system consists of the following systems: • Feed tank and feed pump • Pre-heating system, by plate or tubular heat exchangers • Heat treatment system, by tubular heat exchanger, DSI or direct steam flash vessel • Evaporation in a falling film calandria with integrated vapor separator and circulation pumps and discharge pump

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Rotary Evaporators IKA rotary evaporators set new standards for safety, efficiency and ease of use. These rotovaps offer excellent distilling solutions to the demanding user. All IKA RV 10 rotovapors are equipped with a motorized lift with safety stop function. The comprehensive safety features also include interval operation, smooth start, end .

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What are rotary evaporators? A rotary evaporator (or rotavap or rotovap) uses precise engineering to effectively remove solvents from a sample using evaporation. Most rotovaps make use of a vacuum and pressure control monitor to precisely control pressure within your system, increasing evaporation efficiency.. In many commercial labs, these machines need to be running around-the-clock without .

Rotary Evap Manual RE300

rotary evaporator careful consideration should be given to the intended location. Please study the following notes before commencing assembly. Choose a convenient location, which will allow easy access to both rotating and receiving flask. In order to allow the glassware to be raised and lowered, a minimum headroom of 850mm is required.