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Thin Film Evaporators at Best Price in India

We are one of the experienced specialists in the making Custom Thin Film Evaporator. Contact us to get the best Custom Thin Film Evaporator. As per industry specifications and .

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Concept process equipment is ISO certified company established in year 2014 with strong motivation and objective to manufacture value for money process equipment, which could offer as low as payback period of less than 6 moths to our customer majorly in distillation and drying areas, based on a thin film .

The Molecular Separation of Hemp Oil

between the short path, wiped film, falling film within the broader definition of thin film evaporators might be considered as sets within larger sets as depicted in Figure 1 below. Figure 1 Wiped Film Figure 2 provides an illustration of the more common, vertical style, thin film evaporator. At this juncture, it is also important to appreciate


Falling Film Evaporators . In falling film evaporators, liquid and vapors flow downwards in parallel flow. The liquid to be concentrated is preheated to boiling temperature. An even thin film enters the heating tubes via a distribution device in the head of the evaporator, flows downward at boiling temperature, and is partially evaporated.

Film Evaporation Technology - Sulzer

Falling Film Evaporator Design Our falling film evaporator is the simplest and most commonly used type of film evaporator. The liquid flows as a thin film on the inside of heated vertical tubes, driv-en by gravity. The resulting vapor normally flows cocurrently with the liquid, in the centre of the tubes. A full evaporation stage consists of the

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Listings in Chemical plant design & maintenance, Meters, oxygen and Evaporators, thin film

Wiped Film Evaporator –WFE

In essence, the Pfaudler Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE) is designed to continuously separate volatile compounds by introducing a mechani-cally agitated, thin film of feed material to a heated surface. The short residence time allows for efficient and reliable processing of a wide variety of high-boiling, heat-sensitive and/or viscous products.


The thin film evaporation heat transfer model is successful to address the heat transfer in a cell during the freezing process. In order to obtain ultra-high cooling rate and uniform temperature profiles at cryogenic temperature, one cryogenic

Evaporator Design formulas and important design .

1 Formulas and design parameters in Robert Evaporator Design with online calculation sheet. 1.1 Types of Evaporators: 1.2 Steps in calculation of evaporator design: 1.2.1 Number of tubes (N ): 1.2.2 Tube plate & Downtake dia : Area occupied for tubes in tube plate : Dia of the down take : The final required tube plate .

How they Work | Falling Film Evaporators | Aptia Engineering

Oct 09, 2019 · A falling film evaporator can be an extremely efficient and effective type of heat exchanger. In fact, many factories across most major industries have been steadily updating their equipment from older rising film evaporators, calandria style evaporators, or forced circulation style evaporators to falling film evaporators due to the excellent thermal performance of a well-designed .

A general guide to design of falling film evaporators .

1. Introduction. Evaporation of falling two-phase flows over a tube bundle, falling film evaporation, is an important problem taking place in many industrial devices such as evaporators, condensers and sea water desalination units, .Falling film evaporation is also a common phenomenon in the petrochemical industries as well as large heat pump systems .



Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) | Wiped Film .

An Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE), also known as Thin Film Evaporator (TFE) or Wiped Film Evaporator (WFE), consists of a jacketed shell precision machined from inside and a rotor having blades that maintain a close clearance from the shell.. A feed distributor at the entry point distributes the liquid in a thin film on the heated wall. The high speed rotor further spreads and intensely .

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LCI Corporation's many thin film and wiped film evaporation technologies are known by a number of trade and product names. In 1992, we changed our name to LCI after having been known as Luwa for over 30 years. And in addition to our long collaboration with Buss-SMS-Canzler, we have acquired product lines from several manufacturers.

Design, engineering and steel structure for distillation .

VTA designs and manufactures thin film evaporators, short path evaporators in laboratory, pilot, industrial scale and offers toll distillation. Download. . The design of the systems and components will be planned and documented according to all relevant regulations depending on the installation location and the type of distillation system:

Wiped Film Evaporator - Buss-SMS-Canzler

A distribution ring on the rotor distributes the liquid evenly across the periphery. Then, the blades fitted at the rotor spread the liquid as a thin film of min. 0.5 mm over the heat transfer surface. The model concept for flow in the wiped film evaporator assumes that .

APV Evaporator Hndbook

evaporator and is spread by wiper blades on to the vertical cylindrical surface inside the unit. Evaporation of the solvent takes place as the thin film moves down the evaporator wall. The heating medium normally is high pressure steam or oil. A high temperature heating medium generally is necessary to obtain a reasonable

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Thin Film Dryer. The thin film dryer is a special design of the thin film evaporator used in chemical, pharmaceutical and related industries. There are two types of thin-film dryers, vertical and horizontal dryers. Technology. The product to be dried is distributed in the form of a thin layer on the heating surface by means of a rotor.

Falling Film Tubular Evaporator - Thermal Kinetics

In falling film evaporators, the liquid product usually enters the evaporator at the head of the evaporator. In the head, the product is evenly distributed into the heating tubes. The liquid enters the heating tube and forms a thin film on the tube wall where it flows downwards at boiling temperature and is partially evaporated.

Agitated Thin- Film Evaporator - DOE Fellows

Wiped film evaporation (WFE) and agitated thin film evaporation are synonymous terms. It is a process of continuous evaporation whereby the process fluid is pumped into a heated evaporator device which contains rotating internal blades. These blades force the fluid into a thin film, hence the name, over the inner walls of the evaporator.

Film Evaporation Technology - Sulzer

Falling Film Evaporator Design Our falling film evaporator is the simplest and most commonly used type of film evaporator. The liquid flows as a thin film on the inside of heated vertical tubes, driv-en by gravity. The resulting vapor normally flows cocurrently with the liquid, in the centre of the tubes. A full evaporation stage consists of the

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Listings in Design, engineering, construction services, Meters, oxygen and Evaporators, thin film

Thin Film Evaporator, Wiped Film Evaporators, Short Path .

Thin- Film – Evaporators are available in DN-80 X 0.15m² to DN-150 X 0.5m² Evaporation surface Area. Thin – Film – Evaporators can be run up to 200°C Product side and 230°C Jacket Side. Thin – Film- Evaporators can be run under Jacket Pressure of 2.0 bar (g) and evaporator can be operated at the vacuum of 5mm Hg to 0.005mm Hg.

LabVap® System | LCI Corporation

Feed material is metered into the thin-film evaporator at a steadily controlled rate by an LCI or Customer supplied feed system suitable for the particular feed material. Upon entering the evaporator, the feed is immediately distributed onto the thermal wall, by the spinning rotor, as an agitated, thin liquid film.


evaporator ensures the process equipment does not overpressure if the pad regulator fails. A suitable rupture disc installed between the relief valve and the evaporator is a good practice. All wetted parts of the rupture disc and holder device must be compatible with the process uids. 5 AFTER ENGINEERING CHANGES Thin Film P&ID Condensate

Buss-SMS-Canzler Thin film evaporator operating principle .

Sep 28, 2017 · The video is showing the operating principle of a vertical Buss-SMS-Canzler thin film evaporation system in standard countercurrent design.

Evaporators - Visual Encyclopedia of Chemical Engineering

Agitated, Thin Film General Information/Equipment Design Agitated, thin-film evaporators, see thin-flim dryers, use a heating surface composed of one tube of large diameter that may be either straight or tapered, horizontal or vertical.Liquid is spread on the tube wall by an agitator with rotating blades that cause the liquor to ride along the wall.

What is Thin Film Deposition By Thermal Evaporation?

Sep 30, 2013 · Thin Film Evaporation systems can also be configured with various hardware or software options. These can include ion source capability either for in situ cleaning of substrate surfaces or for ion assisted deposition, or substrate pre heat stations. . Accessories such as residual gas analyzers (RGA's), and other custom features and custom .

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In falling-film evaporators, the feed liquor is introduced at the top tube sheet, and flows down the tubewall as a thin film. Since the film is moving in the direction of gravity rather than against it, a thinner and faster-moving film results, yielding higher heat-transfer coefficients and reduced contact times.

Custom Scraper Thin Film Evaporator Suppliers .

Scraper Thin Film Evaporator. Scraper thin film evaporator is suit for the product with high concentration,high viscosity, heat sensitive, easy to scale. such as: honey, fructose, gravy, pigment, essence and flavor, enzymic preparation, lactic acid, organosilicon polymer, antibiotic, syrup etc.